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5 Simple steps to get a new bike and feel the wind

Buy a New Bicycle to feel the wind!!!

Buying a new bicycle can be an intimidating experience, especially if you haven’t been on a bike in several years. That’s where a local bike shop like Ligamas Cycle Sdn bhd can be the best place to start!

1- Buy from a Local Bicycle Shop
First and most importantly, you’ll find bicycles that have been built by professional brands like Giant, Argon 18, Dedacciai, Liv, Ghost and others…
You’ll also find one of our expert staff which is helpful and friendly to advice you to make the right purchase – the right bike, the right size, and the necessary accessories to make every bike ride more fun and enjoyable.
Our experienced staff at Ligamas Cycle Sdn Bhd excels at helping people become bicyclists, and we do not work on commission, we will spend all the time necessary to make sure you get everything you need. And be prepared to spend a few hours of time with us as we may ask you a lot of questions, arrange your test rides, and get your new bike ready to take home!
Most shop-quality bicycles is affordable for any of customer who come in to Ligamas Cycle Sdn Bhd. However, if you’ll be riding a few days every week, then you should be prepared to spend a little more for a model that’s more durable.
By talking to us, we’ll help you find a bike that meets both your needs and your budget. Allow a little more in your budget for additional accessories which is depending on your needs too.

2- Where and how you want to ride your bikes
Do you want to ride on public roads and streets, or do you want to stick to dedicated bike paths? Will those bike paths be paved or unpaved? Do you want to power through the woods on rough mountain bike trails? There are bikes that handle each of these situations well, so you’ll want to choose the appropriate style of bike to fit where you’ll ride.
Will you be riding alone or with family? Or will you be riding with friends when you day off? If so, you’ll want to make sure you pick a bike that will let you keep up with your friends, perhaps the similar types/model of bikes which they’re riding.
Do you want to enter competitive races, or just ride for your own enjoyment? Will you be taking a long-distance, going across the state by bike? Will you need to carry all of your own gear? Or are you just going across town?
For details on the different types of bikes, and the best uses for each, see how to pick a best bike for you

3- Test ride ~ Try 2 – 3 Modals.
After we talk about how you’re going to use your bike, and we’ll suggest 1- 3 different models that match your needs. We encourage you to test-ride all of them.
If you don’t have cycling-specific clothes, wear clothes that are comfortable and won’t interfere with the moving parts of the bike. Blue jeans are okay, but athletic shorts or pants are better.
We usually have a wide range of bike styles and sizes in stock, if we need to get the bike you want to test from one of our other stores please be patient with us and no worry cause there’s absolutely no extra cost or obligation to buy on your part if we transfer a bike from one of our other stores for test-riding.
Also be patient with us, as one of our staff will give each bike a quick once-over immediately before you test-ride. It’s impossible to keep every bike in perfect working order indefinitely while it sits on the sales floor, and when you take one for a ride, we want to be sure it’s in top shape for a safe and effective test ride.

4- Let the bike shop staff choose the correct size for you AFTER you’ve selected the model of bike you want.
Most bicycles come in different frame sizes (not wheel sizes). You’ve probably heard it before, as well as from your biking friends: Buying the correct size bicycle is the most important factor in being happy with your new bike.
If you go buy for a bike by size, then you could end up with a bike that fits you perfectly, but is the totally wrong bike for your needs.
For your information, most road bikes are measured in centimeters, but most mountain and hybrid bikes are measured in inches. Plus, there is no standard for how the bike is measured from one manufacturer to another. Even within the same manufacturer, the sizing may work differently from one model of bike to another.
If so honored that you have chose to come one of our store to get your new bike. After we discuss your needs and your budget, and we’ve identified what style of bike meets your needs, we’ll pick out a couple for you to test-ride. We’ll pick an appropriate size in each model that’s close enough for purposes of the test ride. Once you’ve settled on what specific model of bike you’d like, we’ll work with you to choose the correct size in that specific model.
Once you purchase the bicycle, our experts staff will work with you and make all of the necessary adjustments to the components so that it can fits you perfectly.

5- And last : the essential accessories
Don’t misunderstanding that we’re really going to stick those add-ons to you.
Actually, we’re just interested in making sure you get the most enjoyment, and safety, when you ride your new bike. Imagine that you’re buying a new home. If you just simply move in without buy some furniture, do some decoration, you’d realize that you would be uncomfortable or feel unhome. At less you get yourself a bed, TV, sofa, dining table, dining chair, and so on. It’s the same situation when it comes to having a new bike.
The first things we usually suggest are a kickstand and Hydration Products. In addition to have a helmet, gloves and front/rear lights, of course there are certain other essentials you should have for both safety and convenience.
Don’t get wrong that you spend more, actually you are saving your money cause if you purchase these things at the same time as with your bike. We’ll gives you extra discount on accessories with the purchase of a new bike. Plus, many accessories, such as fenders and cyclocomputers, are quite involved to install, but if you get them at the same time as with your new bike, we’ll not just give you discount, we’ll also help you install it without any extra installation charges!