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Find a cheaper price? Contact us for best deal.

We believe a best deal is also one of a great experience for online shopping. If you are about to make a purchase and find a lower price somewhere else, let us know and request us a best price match offer for you before you purchase the same product with us.

*Please take note that we could not offer a refund if you have already made a purchase.
• We will only offer the price match items that are:

It must be the exact the SAME item – Identical in colour, size, make, name, description, model and model year, brand new, undamaged, not refurbished, unused in its original packaging. The item must be in stock. We cannot match the price if either other shop or our own shop doesn’t have stock of the item.
•We can only match prices from an authorised dealer or retailed with a physical shop in Malaysia

That means we will not price match for a casual online seller on (BBS),, Facebook seller, forum, blog and etc. who doesn’t own a physical shop or business registration license in Malaysia. Please keep in mind that online casual sellers usually have limited to no backup- up support or warranty.
•The FINAL PRICE of price match must be the final check-out price. (including the factor of goods and service tax – GST, delivery cost, etc.)

Ligamas Cycle Sdn Bhd retains the right to decline a price match or alter the percentage discount offered and don’t worry, we’ll always let you know why that is a different between the price you request and the price we offer.

How it works?
Please screenshot the website/ advertisement of the item and include the link for fast verification.

Contact us via below:

Email : /
Whastapp: 012-3402990
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We’ll verify that your request qualifies for the Best Price Offer. Once we’ve confirmed the price match we’ll contact you by email or phone for you to place the order.

Best Price Match Offer Form

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  • e.g. : BRYTON RIDER 100E
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