Colnago V4RS Disc UAE Team Emirates Carbon Frameset x Colnago CC.01 Integrated Handlebar

RM 22,990.00

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Colnago V4RS Disc Uae Team Emirates Carbon Frameset:

The Colnago V4RS is a high-end road bike frameset produced by Colnago, an Italian bicycle manufacturer known for their premium quality bikes. The “V4RS” likely indicates that it’s part of their V series, which is known for its performance-oriented design. The “Disc” in the name suggests that this frameset is compatible with disc brakes, which offer improved braking performance and modulation, especially in wet conditions.

“UAE Team Emirates” is a professional cycling team, and it’s possible that this frameset is a special edition or collaboration with that team, featuring their branding or design elements.

This frameset is likely made from high-quality carbon fiber, which is known for its lightweight and stiffness properties, making it ideal for road racing and performance cycling.

Colnago CC.01 Integrated Handlebar:

The Colnago CC.01 Integrated Handlebar is likely a handlebar system designed by Colnago for their road bikes. An “integrated handlebar” typically means that the handlebar is designed to seamlessly integrate with the bike’s frame and provide an aerodynamic advantage.

Integrated handlebars often feature internally routed cables and a sleek, one-piece design for improved aerodynamics. They are popular among riders looking for a clean and streamlined look on their road bikes.

When combined, the Colnago V4RS Disc frameset and the Colnago CC.01 Integrated Handlebar would make for a high-performance road bike, especially suited for racing or enthusiasts looking for top-tier components. Please note that specific details and availability may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check Colnago’s official website or contact a Colnago dealer for the most up-to-date information on these products.