Giant Propel Advanced Pro Disc Frameset

RM 12,800.00

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Introducing the 2023 Giant Propel Advanced Pro Frameset in Color Supernova! 🚀✨ #GiantPropelAdvancedPro #Supernova

Prepare to experience the future of aerodynamic performance with the 2023 Giant Propel Advanced Pro Frameset. Designed to slice through the air with utmost efficiency, this frameset is the epitome of speed and precision.

Featuring advanced carbon construction, the Propel Advanced Pro Frameset offers outstanding stiffness and responsiveness, translating every pedal stroke into forward propulsion. Its sleek and aggressive design minimizes drag, allowing you to ride faster and go the extra mile.

The Color Supernova adds a touch of brilliance to this already remarkable frameset. With its striking metallic finish, your bike will stand out from the crowd, exuding a sense of power and style on the road.

Whether you’re a competitive racer or an avid enthusiast seeking to elevate your performance, the 2023 Giant Propel Advanced Pro Frameset is your ultimate weapon. Get ready to conquer the road, break records, and unleash your full potential. 🌟💪

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