Muc-Off Bio Chain Cleaner 400ml

RM 49.00


Muc-Off Bio Chain Cleaner 400ml

Keeping your chain clean and grime-free is an essential part in ensuring the longevity and smooth running of your drivetrain. The Muc-Off BIO Chain Cleaner 400ml contains a formula that packs a punch when it comes to removing tough grime from your chain. The formula cuts through grease and eliminates chain contaminants in a safe biodegradable manner.

Easily attached to the Muc-Off Bio Chain Doc, the Muc-Off BIO Chain Cleaner 400ml is safe to use on any chain type and is ideal for keeping all of your bikes, whether they be road, mountain or cyclocross, clean and sparkly.

-Rapidly removes dirt, oil and grime
-Safe on all chain types
-Water soluble formula for easy rinsing
-Cuts through grease to reduce friction
-Eliminates chain contaminants safely
-Compatible with Muc-Off Bio Chain Doc
-Ideal for Road, MTB and Cyclocross

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