Muc-Off Chain Doc Chain Cleaner

RM 155.00


Muc-Off Chain Doc Chain Cleaner
Muc-Off Chain Doc Chain Cleaner cleans and eliminates grime and crud build up with minimal effort. The chain machine deep cleans your chain by clipping over the chain and rubbing it with heavy-duty rotating brushes, combined with the epic Muc-Off Bio Chain Cleaner to finish the job. It cleans an entire chain in approx 20 seconds and is then ready to lube and head out on the next ride.

Ready for Cleaning Out of the Box
The Muc-Off Chain Doc Chain Cleaner tool comes supplied with a can of Muc-Off Bio Chain Cleaner, ensuring it is ready for cleaning the dirtiest chains from the moment its lifted out of the box.

-Deep cleans your bike chain with minimal effort
-Completely eliminates chain grease and grime
-Free from dangerous chemicals
-Suitable for all chain types
-Long lasting nylon bristles
-Comes with Bio Chain Cleaner
-Quick and Easy to use
-100% Biodegradable

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