Muc-Off Dry PTFE Chain Lubricant 400ml Aerosol

RM 58.00


Muc-Off Dry PTFE Chain Lubricant 400ml Aerosol

This Dry Chain Lube is formulated to hold up to the extreme pressures that are applied to modern drive chains. This highly versatile, dry weather chain lube has superior penetrative qualities that ensure every part of the chain link is lubricated.

Muc-off’s advanced ‘Dry Formula’ creates a clean, durable and protective chain wax layer that inhibits rust development and chain link corrosion. The added PTFE creates exceptionally low surface friction to provide incredible drive chain efficiency without attracting contaminants. It’s clean, and it’s easy to use!

Directions for use:
1. Clean drive chain thoroughly before lube application.
2. Ensure drive chain area is dry.
3. Apply a moderate amount of Dry Lube to the inside chain link while spinning pedals in a reverse motion.
4. Wipe away any excess lube.

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