Muc-Off Dry Shower – 50ml

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Muc-Off Dry Shower – 50ml
Our innovative, antibacterial body wash formulated for people on the move.

Muc-Off Dry Shower is an innovative antibacterial body wash designed for people on the move. Whether you’re a cyclist, commuter, lunch time trainer, festival goer, camper, backpacker, trail runner, motorcyclist or just an all around active person. Dry Shower is the perfect way to freshen up without water!

Specifically formulated to kill odour causing bacteria and germs with its gentle yet effective, coconut derived cleaning ingredients, Dry Shower leaves you feeling (and smelling) fresh and clean. We’ve even made sure Dry Shower is safe to use by creating a pH balanced formula that’s free from Parabens and Formaldehyde. Muc-Off Dry shower doesn’t contain any alcohol either, so your skin is left clean and moisturised not dry and damaged.

With Dry Shower’s foaming action simply apply and rub in with your hands, then leave to dry or wipe off with a towel.

-Formulated with coconut
-Kills odour causing germs and bacteria
-No water or towel needed
-pH balanced foam formula
-Paraben, Formaldehyde and alcohol free – free from Parabens and is suitable for sensitive skin
-Shower on the move: Dry Shower has been specifically formulated to gently kill odour causing bacteria without the need for water

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