Supacaz Fly Cage Carbon Bottle Cage-Red

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Supacaz Carbon Fly Cage
The SUPACAZ CARBON FLY BOTTLE CAGE is a fully functional, visual masterpiece which screams style, and screams it loudly. All you have to do is choose the colour that screams “YOU” to the world in the best possible way.
LockTight Wings
With its lock-tight, yet accessible, wings the SUPACAZ FLY CAGE CARBON won’t be out-performed. It is designed to hold most standard water bottles within easy reach so you’re always hydrated.
Road & MTB Approved
The SUPACAZ FLY CARBON BOTTLE CAGE is “Road & MTB approved” and characterised by clean lines, brilliant colours and hand painted edges. Constructed of 100% 3k Carbon it is amazingly lightweight and reassuringly sturdy.
Compatible With Supacaz Saddle Bottle Cage Mount
While the SUPACAZ CARBON FLY BOTTLE CAGE is sold as a frame-mount water bottle carrier it can also be mounted under the rear seat using the SUPACAZ SADDLE BOTTLE CAGE MOUNT (sold separately). This simple minimalist saddle mount weighs just a few grams but can hold up to a 26oz bottle and cage without disrupting the centre of gravity on the bike. This is a must for Tri-athletes and stage racers.

• Supacaz Fly Carbon Bottle Cage
• Road and MTB approved
• Mounts easily to bicycle frame
• Looks “Supa”-stylish when mounted
• Hand painted edges
• Clean design lines really make it stand out
• 100% 3k Carbon cage
• LockTight cage rails
• Holds your bottle snugly and securely
• Mounting screws included
• Designed in California, USA
• Cage Type: Frame Mounted
• Material: 3k Carbon-Fibre
• Finish: Gloss
• Weight: 26g

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